Fit Bewind

This client helps, after 12 years of different kinds of financial jobs, people in severe debts problems.

FiT Bewind stands for a financial future.

As a professional financial minister she helps people on a new beginning and peace in the future.


Make a responsive website based on an existing logo and artwork from the business video.

Design unique business cards.

Feedback client

“Working with Susan is what it should be like. She questioned me about my ideals with the company from the start. She listens, thinks along but for me more importantly was her creativity. I really had no idea what the website should look like. She translated everything to a professional, plain website with a professional appearance.
To build a website, lots of communication is needed. Susan responds on every question, quick and to the point. From the beginning to the end I have experienced the collaboration as very pleasant.”


Video animation by Rachel Levi:

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