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Susan Zeegers

Graphic-, webdesign & more

After 6 years of working at large advertising agencies and TV, I have been active as a freelancer under the name Elephant sees Elephant since 2009. I provide graphic design for print and online projects. I am also a video editor, musician, singer-songwriter, producer, vocal- and songwriting coach, storyteller, painter and illustrator.

You can contact me for:

  • Graphic Design (Corporate identity development, logos, flyers, business cards, brochures, magazines, menus, instruction posters, stickers, flags, banners, maps and much more)
  • (Re)design of existing corporate documents, software systems, e-mail signatures etc.
  • Webdesign (landingspages, portfolios, corporate identity pages etc.)
  • Social media images, headers, profile pictures, ad video’s etc.
  • Setting up and designing WordPress websites
  • Video editing (corporate promo video’s, social media promo vids etc.)
  • Audio for video (mood music)
  • and more …
View my portfolio for a selection of my work

Elephant sees Elephant

The name of my company “Elephant sees Elephant” comes from my love for Elephants. Elephants are loyal, sincere, hardworking feeling animals. When they encounter another creature, they immediately know whether it is okay or not. When I meet “an elephant” I am ready to work for him / her!

Also ...

Also, I teach children in our huge kitchen garden where we (my soulmate and I) combine theater, music and nature lessons in one.

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  • Adobe Experience Design – very experienced
  • Adobe Photoshop – very experienced
  • Adobe Illustrator – very experienced
  • Adobe Indesign – very experienced
  • Adobe Premiere Pro – very experienced
  • Adobe After Effects – experienced
  • Garageband – very experienced
  • Google Word – very experienced
  • Google Excel – very experienced
  • Google Slides – very experienced
  • Microsoft Word – very experienced
  • Microsoft Powerpoint – very experienced
  • Microsoft Excel – experienced
  • Keynote – experienced
  • Procreate (ipad) – experienced